Vent Disease (VD)

Vent Disease is caused by the bacteria Treponema cuniculi. VD affects the mucocutaneous junctions in the rabbit, which include the vent area, nose & lips. This causes scabs which can be on the genitals (the vent), the nose & lips. It will appear either in both places, or just one place.

You can have rabbits who just have scabs on the nose & lips with no signs of VD on the vent.

Vent Disease is highly contagious. It is normally transmitted through breeding or birth (babies born from an affected doe). But, it can also be spread by poor sanitation in the rabbitry.

Topical treatment with creams such as neosporin will only deal with the outward appearances. But, it will not deal with the root of the problem. Therefore, you will have a rabbit who may appear symptom free, but actually is a transmitter of the disease.

Treatment for Vent Disease is:

-Penicillin G benzathine-penicillin G procaine given at 42,000 to 84,000 IU/kg once a week for 3 weeks subcutaneously.

-Penicillin G procaine at 40,000 to 60,000 IU/kg intramuscularly once a day for 5 to 7 days.

*Treatment protocol from Dr. Jay Hreiz, ARBA Judge, District 9 Director, Chairman of ARBA Rabbit & Cavy Health Committee and veterinarian.



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