Does, Babies & The Summer Heat

Kits and Summer
Summer is a real problem with kits. They can die very easily from heat. They can not handle the heat as well as adult rabbits can.

* Watch the kits in the nestbox to make sure they don't get too hot. When kits are hot they will be breathing harder and sometimes they will be all over the box. They may not be moving much when you pick them up. Sometimes you might see some drool coming out of their mouth.
* The kits can be brought inside the house during the heat of the day to keep them cool.
* Some does put alot of fur on their kits. It is good in winter to have a doe that pulls alot of fur but in summer it is not good. Removing a little of the fur might be helpful.
* Frozen soda bottles put in with the kits in the nestbox will help keep them cool.
* Metal nestboxes must be watched to make sure the nestboxes do not get hot.

Pregnant Does and Summer
Pregnant does do not handle the heat very well because they have a bunch of little bodies inside of them.

* It is a good idea to bring a pregnant doe inside (at least into a cooler spot) if she is not handling the heat well. It shouldn't stress her out and may possibly save your doe's life.
* Several frozen soda bottles placed around a pregnant doe will help keep her cool.



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