Animals that have white with color spots/patterns. Includes tri-colors.

Broken - The body pattern may be spotted, patches, or a blanket. The head markings are to show color on both ears, both eye circles and on the nose. The genetic pattern is any color with the English Broken Genes (Enen) A broken with no nose markings is a DQ. 1/2 a butterfly is only a slight fault.

A charlie patterned rabbit must have at least 10% color, which typically equals color on both ears, eye circles, color on the nose, some color down the middle of the back and maybe a spot or two on the sides.

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Blanket Pattern

Vail's Swissy Missy

Butterfly Nose Markings

Hoppin's Chocolate Rum

Spotted Pattern

Alpine's Colorado Snow

Charlie Pattern

This charlie has at least 10% color. She has a stripe down the middle of her back and a small spot on each side, plus the color on her face.

Hoppin's Heather Rum

Black/Orange Tri Color


Hoppin's Cutsie

Blue/Fawn Tri Color


Hoppin's Blueboy


Need Picture!

Chocolate/Orange Tri Color


Photo courtesy of Tarax Stud

Lilac/Fawn Tri Color