Aprons can be very handy to wear when dealing with rabbits, but especially when you are at a show all day. It makes it nice to keep all that fur at least somewhat off your clothes. So, since you are wearing an apron, why not have it customized with your rabbitry name on it?

I designed a custom apron for my rabbitry since I judge some 4-H shows every so often and I thought it would be another form of advertising, since I'm at the show as it is. Below is the apron which I designed for my barn.

I can make a custom designed apron for any rabbitry. For a custom design it is $10.

You can see examples of a few designs which we have done here.

Any picture you would like on the apron can be put on it. And it can be as customized as you'd like!

I have a printing company that I use who does the printing & shipping (CafePress), and the apron through them is $16. Or, you can take the design that I make and have it printed at any company you choose.

The aprons from CafePress are very well made, they have 2 big pockets in the front and have adjustable straps. They also come in 4 colors: white, tan, yellow or dark blue. Although the dark blue is $1 more.

The design can be put on any other clothing item as well - shirts (short & long sleeves), sweatshirts, hoodies, hats, beanies, etc. Just email me to see the price list that the printing company uses for those items.

Just send me an email or give me a call (918-598-4007) if you're interested!